Why can't protein production be easier?


Recombinant production of proteins is one of the most powerful technologies in life science. It seems simple in principle -- cloning a gene of interest in the expression vector and transforming it into a host cell.

Yet, it was never easy in practice. Protein production can be frustrating and painfully difficult. A variety of factors may contribute to its failure:

- Overly expression of proteins affects cell growth, which in fact decreases the total yield.
- Proteins are aggregation-prone and so-well expressed, resulting in inactive inclusion body.
- mRNA secondary structures hinder the successful translation.
- And protein production may be failed in a mysterious way....

Every protein has its own manner and temper, and there was no single solution for protein expression. Even if the protein can be easily produced, green fluorescent protein (GFP) for instance, it still requires a sophisticated strategy to optimize the yield. This trial-and-error process among the combination of many variables is extremely tedious.

Free yourself from these repetitive labors, and let us do the dirty work for you! With Ailurus, you can finally spend your precious time and intelligence on science itself.

Ailurus vec ®️, all you need for expression vectors

With Ailurus vec ™ (A. vec for short) platform, you can easily identify an optimal vector to produce your protein with high yield, just by submitting the sequence of interests.

A. vec is an automatic, experimental platform to screen a wide range of expression vectors to meet all your protein demands. Our scalable pipeline enables an ultra-high throughput assay of soluble protein yields under different vectors, with much lower costs than typical lab works.

Current version: A. vec 1.1
Organism/Chassis: E. coli
Strains: BL21(DE3)
Backbone: pBR322-origin backbone
Affinity Tag: N-terminal His×6 tag
Gene synthesis: $0.15/bp for 0.3-5kb genes +  free codon optimization
Deliverables: Top vector sequence, and plots of vector screening data
Turnover time: 8~12 weeks

Low Cost - High throughput

  • As low as $1.3 per experiment for up to 20,000 strains
  • Will save you ~$100 on reagents for each vector
  • Same turnaround regardless of order sizes

Trillions of diversified vectors

  • Commercial vectors are not suitable for many proteins
  • A. vec includes > 0.1 trillion vectors composed by parts with diversified functions
  • Even 7-transmembrane human GPCR, can be expressed by A. vec in E. coli


Ailurus vec ®️ 384

$ 499

Screen 384 vectors
To increase the yield of your soluble protein

Ailurus vec ®️ 2K


Screen 2,000 vectors
To find vectors for poorly-expressed proteins

Ailurus vec ®️ 10K


Screen 10,000 vectors
To find vectors for the most difficult proteins

Ailurus vec ® Enterprise

Start from $49,999

Screen 20,000 vectors for optimal expression
Access to our cell programing expertise, and ultra-high throughput screening platform
Customize the optimal expression system for your protein product

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