What is Synbiopunk ?

       Synbiopunk Biodeveloper Community is dedicated to bringing together practitioners in the biological industry, providing an open, efficient and comfortable information sharing platform and communication space for all practitioners to realize the linkage of the industry chain, improve the efficiency of biological products development, and ultimately drive the rapid development of the entire industry.


      Synbiopunk2022 is scheduled to be held in October this year, so stay tuned! For sponsorship, please contact:jiangshan@ailurus.bio

Synbiopunk 2021!

     The first Synbiopunk Biodevelopers Conference was held in Shanghai in October 2021. With the theme of Link Start, the conference aims to open up new links in the field of biodevelopment. The conference gathered dozens of academic leaders, more than 100 enterprise representatives and many investors. With “unconference” as the core format, Synbiopunk participants initiate their own discussions on topics that they care about in a flexible and free way. 
      Synbiopunk brings together people in biodevelopment who should know each other.

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